Rajko Bacic: How I Have Learned Cloud and Devops Through E-Commerce

I started working on the Intersport project soon after I entered the company. I was introduced to a great team of experts in different technologies, such as:

  • SFCC B2C
  • Azure
  • Mule ESB
  • Kubernetes
  • Spring boot
  • Microservices 
Intersport is a global brand present in 65 countries

Although it was initially planned that only I work on this project, the collaboration with colleagues from my office helped me a lot. Many of us were introduced to e-commerce platforms for the first time. This is precisely why exchanging experiences meant a great deal to us. 

This is how we came up with an idea to start knowledge sharing sessions. We saw this as an excellent opportunity to learn as many things as possible in the shortest time.

Intersport for Me and I for Intersport

Intersport is a global brand present in 65 countries. Their digital department in collaboration with us is developing their e-commerce platform. 

When I first started working on the project, the team had: 

  • 7 developers
  • 2 tech leads
  • 2 business analysts
  • A project manager 
  • A product owner

Soon the team expanded with three more developers and an enterprise architect because of a large amount of work. I joined the team as a developer. 

How to Find a Balance Between Two Challenges?

The team had to face a few challenges at the time. New clients started working on the platform. It was necessary to balance different clients’ requirements regarding customisation, scaling, and the improvement of the platform infrastructure to make it ready for new clients.

I had to face the challenge of learning business logic, which follows the development of e-commerce platforms, as well as the development of cloud infrastructure. Thanks to the excellent communication with business analysts and a tech lead, the process of understanding how business functions went smoothly. 

A Good Organisation Is a Key

Tech leads and architects rely on the developers’ experience during the process of planning. We have established a unique business process where we all actively participate, and we all have a proper knowledge distribution. Some team members can freely say that they are experts for different aspects of the platform. 

I am currently a DevOps engineer. I am in charge of the planning and the development of infrastructure and the improvement of the quality and stability of the platform, based on the problems clients have to cope with daily. Also, we closely collaborate with the support team and give them support when they need it while analysing specific issues reported by clients. 

How to develop an e-commerce platform?

How Did Intersport.CH Go Live?

An excellent example of how things function is last year’s go live event for Intersport in Switzerland. We started working on the project in July. Despite all the customisations and additional development for the specific needs of Switzerland, we managed to finish the development in October and make it go live at the beginning of December. 

Since our team has grown in the meantime and it seems it will continue to grow, I expect that the platform will expend on the market worldwide. I hope I will be able to help and introduce even more of my colleagues to the business in the same way others helped me when I first started working on this project and when I met the new surrounding. 


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