Miloš Marković: Working on an E-Commerce Project from the QA Perspective

Success of one company is measured, among other things, with the employees’ satisfaction, team spirit and company’s results. These are some of the most important qualities which motivated me to join the Emakina family in November 2018. Here, I started working as a QA engineer on one of the largest Emakina projects – Ecco project.

Ecco – A Call for Innovation

Ecco is a Danish shoe manufacturer and retailer company which is more than 20.000 people strong and has 2.250 shops across 99 counties. 

Our team is responsible for developing e-commerce solutions for Ecco’s seven major sales point countries: United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and India. The project is based on the Salesforce Platform and has three teams, one for each SF cloud solution:

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Service Cloud team

When I joined the project, there was only the Commerce Cloud team with nine team members. With continuous effort of the entire team, and with excellent results we managed to fully justify our clients’ trust and meet their expectations, which resulted in the expansion of the existing CC team. The Marketing and the Service Cloud subprojects were established, and I’m also a part of the teams working on them.

Currently, the Commerce Cloud project (my main project at the moment) has:

  • 6 BE developers
  • 2 FE developers
  • 3 QA engineers
  • 2 business analysts
  • 2 project managers
  • A product owner
  • A tech lead

Since the team size surpassed 10 members, we decided to split into two teams.

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The Challenging Start

My colleague Vladimir and I were the first QA engineers to join Emakina.RS, and we were both assigned to the Ecco project. Since the project is of strategic importance and since we were the first QAs to be fully committed to it, we knew that we had a big responsibility to do a great job.

Before joining Emakina.RS, I worked at a company which was mainly focused on the development of an advanced platform for management and control of power grids in distribution networks. That’s why switching to an e-commerce based platform, to its logic and a different way of thinking was a challenge for me. Apart from that, the development process that I was introduced to was not taking QA involvement fully into account. To be more precise, it was not utilizing its full potential.

Our goal was clear: we wanted to improve the overall quality of the product. We immediately started investigating how the current process can be improved and what else we can introduce to it to bring our product’s quality to its maximum. After a few months of hard work and few setbacks, we managed to establish an efficient process which we felt comfortable with and which resulted in:

  • Increase of overall quality of the product
  • Stable releases
  • Better delivery time
  • Better time management of QA and Dev resources

What Have We Done So Far?

Now, more than a year since we established our QA process on the project, it has changed quite a bit. Not because it was bad, but because a good QA engineering team always finds time to review the current process, and, if possible, change it according to the latest trends and requirements of the project.

A good way of keeping up with trends is participating in QA workshops, organised by Emakina Group, where QA engineers from all Emakina entities are involved in the experience and knowledge sharing. These workshops helped us a lot in our effort to establish a reliable and well-organised way of work.

The Establishment of Automation

Every healthy and reliable QA process, which is established on a project of this magnitude, should have some level of test automation. So, the process that we established also required this. However, we didn’t dedicate much time to it at the beginning because its establishment is time-consuming, and its effects are not immediately seen.

After carefully planning out the automation roadmap (preconditions, steps, milestones, etc.) together with the basic cost-benefit analysis, in September 2019, we started the implementation of our automation plan. 

The tool that we are using for automation is Nightwatch.js. Even though my colleagues and I hadn’t worked with this tool before (at the previous company I mainly used a Python-based framework), we quickly got familiar with it.

Now, I am proud to say that, even though we still have much to do, we have more than 100 automated test cases whose execution is a regular part of our release process. The benefits gained through its implementation also resulted in the request for establishing automation on Service Cloud project.

Test by Test and Step by Step 

Almost two years have passed since I joined the project. Now when I look back to see where it all started, and where we are now, I can just say that working on this project was a challenge worth taking.

A lot of successfully reached milestones are behind us, like a new design, a new checkout, omni (pick up in-store) and many more. With each successfully accomplished milestone, the clients’ delight and satisfaction grew.

Now, we have several more major milestones ahead of us. But our team is ready, armed with knowledge, confidence, and commitment.

I am looking forward to seeing how this project will evolve in the years to come.  


Emakina.RS is a software development center and a part of Emakina Group since 2018.

Emakina.RS is a team of engineering experts responsible for building, maintaining and operating applications on various platforms and frameworks. Our mission is to consistently deliver high-quality software development services to other members of Emakina Group. At the moment, our focus is on Java and PHP, as well as on Salesforce Commerce Cloud development.

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