Green IT: CSR Events Are the Best Team Buildings

At Emakina.RS, we constantly organise some events to make our team better and stronger. Simultaneously, we search for causes our colleagues could contribute to by being productive, and generously give something back to the community.

That is the reason why we like to participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) events with the aim to promote a good cause in our environment and inspire the IT community to join and follow our example.

While our knowledge-sharing sessions are what truly defines us, we must admit that CSR events are our favourite team buildings.

So far, Emakina.RS has joined Charity IT Relay Race 2019, Code for a Cause 3, and Green IT. After each event, the feeling was the same – wonderful!

What Is Green IT?

This is a wonderful eco-event that gathered 15 companies and over 100 eco-savvy individuals. We invested our free time into planting almost 90 trees. In a couple of hours, the yard of Marija Trandafil Primary School in Veternik wasn’t empty anymore. In a few years, this place is going to be a vast green oasis where pupils will run all around. We believe that creating a healthier environment for future generations is imperative in today’s fast-paced modern way of living.   

Thank you, Vega IT Sourcing, for inviting us to be green heroes. 🙂 

How It Was at Green IT

The only girl among our strong colleagues was our Dragana Nestorov, a Software Developer. We were curious about what it was like for her to take part in this kind of event, so we asked her to share her thoughts.

“When you see five big pine trees, six guys and only one girl, at first sight, you might think that it won’t be easy for this girl to do the task. However, thanks to collegiality, excellent organisation and our willingness to help our community together, I must admit I didn’t find it hard at all. In fact, I had an amazing time!” – said Dragana with a smile on her face. 

Once again – kudos to Ivan, Hari, Dragana, Milos, Vladimir, Ivan, and Dejan. You did outstanding work!

Surely Emakina.RS team will keep up working for a good cause in 2020. What about you? 

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