Emakina.RS at Armada JS

Besides knowledge-sharing sessions, learning on our own, and learning from our colleagues, sometimes we should go out of our office and listen to others, too. Our Software Developers Miloš, Ivan and Borislav decided to check out Armada JS – the first Javascript conference in Novi Sad. Discover how they liked it and what they learned from it in the interview below.

Miloš, could you please share your impressions from the conference with us?

“This conference was what our city and IT community really needed! In the last ten years, we have witnessed the rapid development of web technologies. This particularly refers to Javascript as a programming language which has been used to build a large number of frameworks and platforms. With the appearance of Node.JS and TypeScrip-a, it stopped being just a language for writing “client-side” code, that is the interaction with DOM elements. The implementation of complex business logic has been a standardised approach for a long time thanks to this programming language. A good example of this implementation is Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a cloud platform whose entire backend modules are written in Javascript which is interpreted in Rhino engine.”

Miloš, Borislav and Ivan at Armada JS

Emakina.RS is mostly focused on the development of these modules which is why the knowledge of Javascript is an important component in a technology stack of an engineer. 

Armada.JS conference was visited by more than 600 people. Considering the fact that this was the first time this kind of conference was organised in our city, you would have to agree that this is quite a number. Competent speakers, interesting topics and strict schedule are the things that left the strongest impression on me. During the breaks between the lectures, we had a chance to meet with our colleagues from other companies again and refresh our connections. In technical terms, it was interesting to hear about the novelties that await us, such as Web Assembly, but also about the challenges we might encounter when choosing serverless architecture for the implementation of a scalable enterprise solution.”

Ivan, what three lectures did you like the most and why?

“I liked the lectures that focused on the way web technology will develop in future. One of those lectures is the lecture whose topic was ‘Fast future with WebAssembly’ given by Milica Mihajlija. I liked this lecture because Milica demonstrated how we can launch already existing applications (written in C, C++ and other languages) on the web using JS with just a little additional development. Also, this opens a whole new dimension where web programmers will no longer consider performances to be problematic.  

Apart from this lecture that left the strongest impression on me, there were two more lectures I would like to single out: ‘Are Progressive Web Apps the new future?’ and ‘How to build a full-stack serverless airline ticketing web app’.”

Emakina.RS at Armada JS

Borislav, have you learned something new at Armada JS?
The conference was perfectly organised. The lectures were solid, but the most valuable were the ones on WebAssebly and on electron because, before the conference, I didn’t have any knowledge of these two concepts.

To sum up, our colleagues spend a wonderful time at Armada JS conference! They learned a lot from the speakers at this inspiring event. That’s why Emakina.RS can’t wait to see you at Armada JS next year!


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Emakina.RS is a team of engineering experts responsible for building, maintaining and operating applications on various platforms and frameworks. Our mission is to consistently deliver high-quality software development services to other members of Emakina Group. At the moment, our focus is on Java and PHP, as well as on Salesforce Commerce Cloud development.

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