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Emakina.RS is a software development center and a part of Emakina Group since 2018.

Emakina.RS is a team of engineering experts responsible for building, maintaining and operating applications on various platforms and frameworks. At the moment, our focus is on JavaScript, .NET, Kubernetes, Microservices, and PHP, and the following cloud platforms: Salesforce, Azure, AWS.

Besides development, our team works on business analytics, project management, web content editing, digital design, SEO, data analytics, and other aspects of marketing.


The best way to apply for a job is to do it on a job ad’s page. There you can find all the details about the vacancy, and other open-job opportunities you might fit into. Additionally, you can send us your CV at or through our Facebook and Instagram social media profiles.

Our Human Value Manager Ivana will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Benefits of working in our team

Our colleagues work with a couple of Emakina.RS entities (Belgium, Switzerland, and The Netherlands). We suppose that you have already heard of the brands we work with or have used their products: Intersport, Ecco, Rituals, Philip Morris, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Audi, Bavaria, Barilla, BNP Paribas Cardif, Leffe, etc.

Twice per month, we organise knowledge-sharing sessions. Our colleagues voluntarily apply to be lecturers; they prepare short presentations on various topics about their expertise or something they would like to learn or improve. So far, we have learned a lot at these gatherings.

All of our colleagues have private health insurance, which covers various treatments from the treatment of patients lying in the hospital bed to regular check-ups, therapies, pregnancy check-ups, eyesight check-ups etc.

At Emakina.RS, our colleagues have the opportunity to attend English classes twice per week. Before they start a course, our professors organise testing. Based on our colleagues' results, the professors make groups of colleagues who are at similar language levels.

We support our colleagues to develop their professional and personal skills. Besides that, they have an opportunity to attend free yoga classes, CrossFit, and go training at the gym. Yoga classes are twice a week, CrossFit four times a week, and the gym membership has no attendance limitations.

We travel together twice per year. In summer, we go to the seaside, visit some of European capitals, go rafting or skiing in the mountains in winter. Besides that, we do bowling, horse-riding, quads, karting, visit escape rooms, play golf, and do many more different activities throughout the year.

So far, we have participated in a charity relay race, hackathons, and charity events for raising donations for children without parents and children with health issues. Our small contribution could mean a lot to others who need help.

Besides investing in our colleagues’ knowledge daily by organising knowledge-sharing sessions, mentoring, and providing the access to our library, our company offers free conference tickets for various programming events in Serbia and abroad.

What do our colleagues think of Emakina.RS?


What I like the most about Emakina.RS is that everybody gets a chance to show their true potential and shine, no matter if they have working experience or not. I love our working atmosphere. If I am having a bad day, my colleagues are always there for me to make me feel better. Last, but not least, I enjoy the team building gatherings, and all kinds of activities that the company is organising for us. After a hard-working week, is there anything better than to sit back and have a drink with your colleagues?

Jelena Todorović

I like the fact that the company takes care of people, how they feel at work and their professional development and goals. I also like the fact that everything is well-organised which allows me to focus on my work without having to think about other additional things like bus tickets, lunch and other small but important things. Finally, I enjoy team gatherings and socialising in any form like team building, happy hour and other activities that bring us all together.

Tisa Komadina

I appreciate that Emakina.RS is people-oriented which is noticeable in everyday activities like organizing various training sessions and workshops, giving and receiving feedback, organizing knowledge-sharing sessions, etc. All tasks here are well communicated and distributed which helps me focus on my assignments while feeling confident that everything else will be handled in the best possible way by my colleagues. This gives me enough space and time to dedicate myself to my family and friends after work or get together with my teammates during a happy hour knowing that all the challenges are behind us.

Borislav Jekić

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