Aleksa on his first day at work.

What to Expect during Your First Days in Emakina.RS?

Welcome to Emakina.RS! 

We know how exciting starting a new job is and that you can feel butterflies in your stomach when trying to blend into the culture and understand all the processes. If you want to know what to expect during your first days in Emakina.RS, you came to the right place.

In this article, we will try to answer some of the basic questions to make you feel as comfortable as possible when entering Emakina.RS. 

Dive right in! 

What Are You Going to Do on the First Day?

Many people don’t like to show up on the new job unprepared, so we decided to show you the first day’s agenda. 

If you haven’t got the opportunity to get to know us earlier via our social media or website, don’t worry. On your first day, we will help you learn more about the surrounding and culture in general. The first day is reserved for adapting to new surroundings.  

You will get a tour of our company culture and values, get to know our learning opportunities and colleagues. But that’s just the small part. You will read the culture book, have lunch with the people team and meet your buddy who will show you the office and the town. After this, it’s time to hang out and prepare for the photoshooting with the marketing team. And just with a blink of an eye, your first workday has come to an end.

Aleksa couldn’t wait to shoot hoops on his first day.

What Are You Going to Do in the Following Days?

We believe that people skills are a crucial part of onboarding, so, in the following week, the people team will ask you to join the workshops that will help you advance your soft skills, like assertive communication, giving feedback, and time management.

The first month on the job is often less busy – it gets busier when you are assigned with the first tasks on a project. It would be great for you to use that time to learn as much as you can. 

Of course, there is always someone you can contact when you face a challenge – your buddy, someone from people or marketing team, the CTO – we are all here to help you. And if you want to ask something anonymously, our tool for checking team’s overall satisfaction, Heartcount, has this option, too.

How to fit in easily? Try chess.

Is Our Onboarding Process Successful?

Our software engineer Aleksa Popov is now, after a few months, totally adapted to new surroundings.

“I came to Emakina.RS feeling a little bit insecure, but the atmosphere in the company helped me feel less anxious. A colleague from People team, Sneža and buddy Ivana, welcomed me. They introduced me to the company’s culture, as well as who I can reach out to if I have some questions. Also, I had a mentor who was always at my disposal. I managed to fit in easily, and I especially liked playing basketball and chess during breaks, which my colleagues like to call “the company’s tradition!”, said Aleksa. 

Want to be the next Emakinian? Our team is growing, so hurry up and check out our vacancy page. We would love to welcome you!

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Tamara Bailov

Marketing Manager

After years of writing book critics and reviews, Tamara started writing copies for Instagram and found out that her biggest passion is social media and marketing. She is always on her phone taking pictures of sunsets or searching for the latest social media trends.

Tamara Bailov


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