Vladimir Milanović: #ContinuousGrowth through the Lenses of Leadership

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Our colleague Vladimir Milanović is the one who learns continuously but teaches others to improve their knowledge, too. Back in those days when he was a professor of informatics at a primary school, he couldn’t imagine that his career path would change. Now, he mentors and leads QA engineers at Emakina.RS.

So, let’s find out what Vladimir has learned about leadership through quality and automation.

Maja: How did an informatics professor become a QA engineer?

Vladimir: After working in school, I wanted to enter the industry and so I started my IT career as an IT consultant. This is how I got interested in testing software which is what I do today.

Vladimir working on a laptop
Our QA lead Vladimir

Maja: What is the main difference between the responsibilities of a QA lead and your previous job experience?

Vladimir: The main difference is that a QA lead position requires dedication and time needed to focus your attention on other colleagues who QA lead works with on a daily basis. 

As a QA Lead, my task is to define my colleagues’ career path and a plan of their career development as well as to help them go through the onboarding process in the best and most efficient way. 

Maja: How do you improve your QA lead skills?

Vladimir: Given that the field of software testing has been expanding over the last few years significantly, there are much more resources on software testing (technical aspects) as well as leadership in the field of testing which are quite valuable for colleagues that are involved in software testing. 

I like to listen to a good podcast on this topic, read a good book and exchange my thoughts with other colleagues. Also, I had the luck to be surrounded by friends who have much more experience in leadership than I do and their advice is invaluable to me. 

Maja: Have you faced some challenges and could you share them with us?

Vladimir: Definitely, the biggest challenge I came across up until now revolves around defining QA processes starting from ground zero. My colleagues Miloš Marković and I were the first two people in the company who were in charge of the quality, and therefore defining processes and activities on the project which we worked on at that moment. 

After a few months working actively, we managed to define a clear and efficient QA process which brings results.

When new colleagues joined the team, the very process was improved and is now easily adapted to most of the projects which we work on in Emakina.RS.

Vladimir and Sara on a meeting
Mentorship is a big part of Vladimir’s work

Maja: What are three soft skills each leader should have?


1. Communication
2. Time Management
3. Coaching

Maja: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Vladimir: Be responsible, persistent, and define goals which are measurable. Work on these goals each day and good results are guaranteed. Feel free to make mistakes, because you learn from them! 

Indeed we agree with Vladimir and Kennedy that learning and leadership go hand in hand. That’s why we regularly organise leadership workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions for our tech leads.

If you would like to improve your leadership skills, we are inviting you to listen to our webinar “Tech leadership tips and tricks”.

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