Everything You Need to Know About Culture Fit Interview – With Our CPO Ivana Milinković

Do you know that, just like people, some companies have values, mission and culture? 

In Emakina.RS, we value Quality, Teamwork, Fulfillment, Responsibility, Trust, and #ContinuousGrowth is a great illustration of our attitude – it’s about empowering our colleagues to climb the ladder with the goal to improve themselves and the company’s growth.

Culture is everything you see when you enter the Emakina.RS offices – playing chess and basketball, coffee at two and eating a lot of sweets on birthdays. But to help you fully understand it, we talked with our CPO, Ivana Milinković about our culture fit interview.

Tamara: What is cultural fit and why is it important? 

Ivana: To be able to understand what culture fit means, it is important that we take a step back and understand what company culture is. To put it simply, organizational culture defines how things are done in Emakina.RS

Culture is like a glue that keeps the entire organization together, and a culture fit person is the person who fits well in the given culture. 

By including this parameter in the assessment of the candidate, we want to create a team of colleagues whose goals, values and beliefs are aligned with the company’s goals, values and beliefs. 

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Tamara: What characteristics are we looking for in a candidate? Does this mean that all of our colleagues are similar to each other? 

Ivana: According to the research, colleagues who fit in the certain organizational culture, are: 

  • More satisfied at work
  • Strongly identified with the company’s values 
  • More likely to stay in the company longer 

These are our goals when we are looking for culture fit colleagues during the hiring process – we are not looking for uniformity, but stronger connection and long-term satisfaction. 

Our values, responsibility, trust, teamwork and quality, help us identify the characteristics and behaviors which we want to see in our organization. And satisfaction tells a lot about our vision to create a working environment where our colleagues will be fulfilled. 

Besides these key values, we also nurture equality, effort, and giving back to our community. The list of things that are typical of our organization is long which is why I cannot say that we are very similar, but I can say that the same ideas bring us together and we all have the same intention. 

Two colleagues hanging out

Tamara: How do you determine whether someone is culture fit? 

Ivana: The first tool for determining whether someone will easily fit into our organizational culture are interviews. During the interview we analyze and evaluate how a person acts and thinks in certain situations. We make questions based on the position the person is applying for, the necessary skills and characteristics – which means that questions are not always the same. 

But, one of my favorite questions is: “Please describe people who you have difficulty working with” because this is a good introduction into the conversation on teamwork and cooperation that follows. 

The next important component is the personality test which we use to determine specific characteristics for the given position and the team. 

I would call the third component “the atmosphere of the interview”: based on the way and the tone of communication, we can learn more about the candidate, but the candidate can also learn more about our culture.

Two colleagues talking about a job

Tamara: In which way can candidates prepare for the culture fit interview?  

Ivana: I would say that the first step the candidate should take is to stop and think about what they want. Questions that can help are: In what direction do I want to develop? In what kind of environment do I want to work in? Do I need more structure or more flexibility? Do I prefer to work from home or from the office?

When the person knows the answers to these questions, researching the company’s website, reading the blog and following social media networks can help when doing the triage of the companies that match that person’s preferences. The goal of this research should be to understand how suitable the company is for the candidate as well as how suitable the candidate is for the company without looking for the “right” answers. 

We wanted to hear how important the company’s culture is to our colleagues so we asked Đorđe Perin to tell us more about his experience. He considers company culture as very important and he says: “above all I here refer to the support and relationship with colleagues. For fun, relaxation and bonding with colleagues during the break, there are office basket, darts, table tennis and chess. Since I consider myself competitive, I can say that this kind of environment suits me and has a positive impact on my satisfaction with work.” 

So, finally, our advice is to do your research, find out more about the company and ask yourself “Are we a good match?” 🙂

About the author

Tamara Bailov

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After years of writing book critics and reviews, Tamara started writing copies for Instagram and found out that her biggest passion is social media and marketing. She is always on her phone taking pictures of sunsets or searching for the latest social media trends.

Tamara Bailov


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