“Enter Emakina.RS” – Escape Room You Don’t Want to Leave

Do you want to know what one day in the life of  a front-end developer, software developer and business analyst looks like in Emakina.RS?

This was also our guests’ (students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences) main questions. We immediately came up with an idea – let’s show them what it looks like instead of describing these roles to them! Escape room seemed like a perfect team building and role playing activity. 

What is “Enter Emakina.RS”?

We invited our curious guests to enter the Emakina.RS and play a game of escape room with us. The students would play the role of our developers and business analyst – Miroslav Mihnjak, Ivan Jančić and Maja Cetić. The goal was to give them a chance to walk in their shoes, learn about our company’s culture and that communication and cooperation between teams is the key to success. So, let’s see how our teams cooperated and escaped the room. 

Business analysts having a meeting with the client.
Business analyst team having a meeting with the client.

How Did Students Crack the Code?

Our guests were separated into three rooms and were told what mission they had to accomplish before they run out of time:

For instance, business analyst team needed to find a link for the meeting where the client directly explained what the two requests are. The business analysts arranged a call with other teams to share with them the information about the tickets, while the BA team tried to write the user story. 

The aim of the front-end developer’s ticket was to showcase a product on the site, but in order to do that, the front-end team had to find the characteristics of the product by solving all kinds of riddles. Through the riddles, our guests learned more about our clients, team buildings and projects. 

But even when the front-end developers solved all of them, they didn’t have all the information needed to show the product. They were missing the password that the software team had to find. 

The Software team was always in contact with the front-end team via Skype, and they tried to find the right database in the room, searching through photoss, awards, etc. our guest, Maja Jukić shared more about this experience:

“I really liked the idea about Escape room, because I hadn’t had a chance to take part in such a game before. We collaborated perfectly as a team and each one of us contributed to the assignment in some way. Ivan was an excellent mentor and he was there to answer all of our questions during the game, as well as later when we talked about his career. Other colleagues were also very pleasant and I can freely say I had so much fun. I am looking forward to meeting again!”

When all the riddles were solved, the task done and the user story written, the BA team organized a Poker session with the FE and BE team so that they could estimate the next ticket. Finding the right answers was the last step before leaving the room.

Software developers solving a riddle in the escape room.
Software developers solving the riddle in the escape room.

Escaping the Room and Entering the Happy Hour

You know what 5 o’clock on Fridays means, right? It’s a happy hour! All the guests, like real Emakinians, got ready to have a great time with colleagues and ask them everything they wanted to know about working in Emakina.RS. 

Have you already imagined yourself in this surroundings? If you wish to join our team, our Careers page should give you all the necessary information about the open positions. And don’t forget, you can always ask us anything here – jobs@emakina.rs.

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Tamara Bailov


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