Emakina.RS Fitlife Program: How to Start Working Out and Stick to It

It is not breaking news that regular working out is good for your physical and mental health, but we also know that working out regularly is easier said than done. 

That’s why we’ve decided to help our colleagues who struggle with making exercising a habit by giving them a few tips on how to start working out and stick to it.

1. Know Why You Want to Exercise

To build a suitable fitlife program and find your motivation, it’s important to ask yourself why you want to exercise. Is it because you want to be healthier, thinner or build more muscles? 

If you have a difficulty to find the reason why, our fitness trainer from Geerya fitness centre, Tijana Jojkić, is here to help you find your motivation:

“Working out is much more than losing weight, it has a wide spectrum of positive effects on the health of heart and blood vessels, bones strengthening and it reduces the risk of bone fractures. On top of this, working out improves our sleeping habits, physical balance, mood, and level of energy, and it leads to reduced stress as well. Emakinans tell me that they really fell in love with training sessions and can easily do other activities that follow that day, which is our goal. 😊” – said Tijana.

Ljupka Karova from Emakina.RS exercising.
Our colleague Ljupka exercising.

2. Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy

Are you more likely to proceed with some activity if you are looking forward to it? 

That is why we have something to match everyone’s taste in our Fitness program: some Emakinians love gym and crossfit, some of them are not really into going to a gym, so they enjoy yoga classes. Also, for team players, there is basketball or football. And if you are in love with martial arts, we have jiu jitsu classes.

But that’s not all! If you can’t choose just one activity, you can combine a couple of them. 

Stefan Sokolovic from Emakina working out.
Stefan really enjoys working out.

3. Be Part of the Team

Exercising in a group makes it more fun and motivates us not to skip training sessions. In fact, most people keep doing some activity if their efforts contribute directly to their team’s success – which is the case with sports like basketball and football. But even having a gym buddy can help you not to quit.

Our colleague Zoran Obradović said that his favourite thing in the morning is group training with his colleagues:

“Even when you are not in a mood, someone will always motivate you to give your best and you will get the most out of your workout which will lead to a better and more productive day. By working out as a team we make hard workouts or less fun parts like warming up or stretching easier and enjoyable.” – added Zoran.

Colleagues exercising together.
The Emakina.RS team.

4. Start Now but Start Slow

People tend to commit themselves to an exercise program and expect too much too soon, which usually leads to, well, quitting too soon.

If you have not exercised yoga for quite some time, you wouldn’t expect to be able to put your legs around your neck right away, would you? Our yoga instructor Nataša Galečić always advise us to start slowly: 

“Everyday workout is one of the best ways to achieve outstanding results in the most important areas of your life. Yoga is just one of the tools which develops and strengthens us. It requires mental and physical presence, consistency, and regular practice as well as gradual moving of boundaries. There is no shortcut and it does not forgive mistakes, it teaches us how to listen to our body, because, if we don’t do that, it is more likely we will get injured.” – explained Nataša.

Progress requires patience.

We hope these tips will help you accomplish your fitness goals. Follow our social media profiles and stay tuned for more fitness motivation. #ContinuosGrowth

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Tamara Bailov


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