Celebrating Women in Engineering Day: #ContinuousGrowth With Sara, Maja and Ružica

Did you know that the first programmer was a woman? 

Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician who theorized a method for the Engine to repeat a series of instructions – a process known as looping which computer programs use today.

Why are we even mentioning this? 

Because today is the perfect occasion to celebrate the work and success of women engineers. 

International Women in Engineering Day is celebrated on June the 23rd and it is a great opportunity to praise all female engineers.

How Do We in Emakina.RS Celebrate This Special Day?

We wanted to give our female engineers the opportunity to share their professional experience with us to inspire other girls, and boys to study science and technology-based subjects.

Let’s take a look at #ContinuousGrowth stories of our colleagues, Sara Bajić, Maja Cetić and Ružica Bilanović.

Let Us Introduce You to Our Software Developer, Sara

Female software developer drinking coffee in the office.
Sara Bajić, Software Developer

Our colleague Sara saw herself in the IT world a long time ago, and she focused her efforts on her professional development in this area. A job of a software developer is considered to be extremely creative and interesting, and she emphasizes that this is what keeps her mind fresh and aware of the opportunities ahead of her. 

“I started my career after graduating from college. When I was ready to become completely independent, I entered this story with no expectations, with a wish to learn and have fun along the way. 

My beginnings in Emakina.RS started smoothly with fantastic people full of patience, knowledge, and interest. Thanks to them my knowledge expands daily. Now, after some period of time spent in IT, when I look back at my short career, I am very proud that I have managed to fulfill my dreams with the support of these people and build a stable foundation for my further engineering career.” – said Sara. 

Meet Our Colleague Ružica

Woman software developer in the office.
Ružica Bilanović, Software Developer

Ružica got a job in Emakina.RS when she was at the final year of her studies and then she thought that a job of a developer is quite simple – you get a specific task and code. However, she told us that she quickly realized that this covered only 50 % of her work time.  

“The other half of my workday are meetings, scrum ceremonies, planning of sprints, presentations and all of the things that are indispensable parts of every project.  

Now, when I became a tech lead, I realized how important planning and communication are. To be a developer actually is not just one task. Good collaboration with colleagues is a key to success. To me, this is crucial when it comes to job satisfaction. And, in Emakina.RS I have a chance to work with an amazing team of people” – explained Ružica.

Get To Know Our Business Analyst Maja

Business analyst smiling to the camera.
Maja Cetić, Business Analyst

Having a formal education in IT, but being very communicative and curious about the business side of the industry at the same time, turned out to be a real challenge for Maja when she was looking for a suitable role to start her professional career, until she started working as a Business Analyst in Emakina.RS:

“That’s the role that relies on my technical knowledge, challenges my ideas and gives me the confidence to step out with my own perspective on business matters.

The most important part of finding my place in this system are my colleagues and clients, who are not only motivating me with their expertise, but showing great support on each step of my journey.” – Maja said.

At Emakina.RS everyone has an equal possibility to climb their career ladder. 

If you want to kickstart your career in a company where knowledge, hard work and #ContinuousGrowth knows no gender, you are welcome to join our team

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Tamara Bailov


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