About Emakina.RS

Emakina Group is one of the top three independent networks of full service European digital agencies. We are constantly adapting our services to the latest technological advancements and industry evolutions, and employ only the most talented specialists. With more than 1.250+ experts in 26 offices in 18 countries in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and North America, we fight daily alongside our customers and their brands to boost their User Equity, build high performance digital businesses and deliver outstanding user experiences.


Emakina was created in 2001 through a merger of three existing agencies: Emalaya, NetAtWork, Ex Machina, who pooled their complementary expertise to create the ‘Emakina’ brand. In July 2006 Emakina entered the Alternext – the segment of Euronext reserved for growing SME’s. This introduction to the financial markets enabled us to expand at a European level. Our Belgian expansion, started in 2007, has brought The Reference, Design is Dead, and Your Agency into the Emakina Group. The European expansion dating from 2007 has resulted in an Emakina agency in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Sweden Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia and Poland. The Group has also settled in the Middle East, Africa and North America, with agencies in Dubai, Singapore, Doha, Beirut, Pure, Cape Town, and New York.

Our foundations have provided a strong alliance of creativity, technology and business expertise, which has led Emakina to become the leading interactive agency in Belgium, and one of the top 20 big players in Europe. Our strong growth confirms the Emakina Group’s long-term ambition to become one of the top 5 European interactive agencies.


Technology has changed the nature of interactions between individuals and organisations. The existing codes are changing and marketing is beginning to centre on the individual, via user experience experts. The quality of the user experience attracts and retains customers. Each interaction impacts the rational and emotional appreciation of products and services, and as a result changes the value consumers give to brands.

The user experience differentiates each company from its competitors, determines customer loyalty and makes people into brand ambassadors. A quality user experience is therefore an essential, sustainable and profitable competitive advantage. Whatever their degree of maturity, all companies must invest in their UX.

The UX strategy also applies to the entire company. It translates the brand’s values into real experiences. It embodies the purpose of an organisation in the eyes of its clients, partners, employees, and management.

Emakina offers all services required to design, execute and evaluate user experiences, delivering significant benefits to firms that are committed to being remarkable.

Digital transformation has changed the way we interact. It has transformed the entire communication landscape and impacts the local and global economy.

Consumers have taken power. They have claimed brands, and can make or break them.

This phenomenon has led to the emergence of a new type of agency. Born with the web, these agencies embrace digital natives – who have only known a digital world – and can satisfy their tastes and desires.

Emakina is a full service agency with a truly digital DNA.

We constantly adapt our services to new technologies, attract the best talents and offer them exciting challenges. Alongside our customers we create strong and lasting relationships with consumers.