A Day in the Life of Emakina.RS Technical Team Lead

Taking into account that Emakina.RS motto is #ContinuousGrowth, we cherish the success of our colleagues. Our Senior Software Developers Nenad Maljugic and Borislav Jekic are promoted and we could proudly say that now they are Technical Team Leads.

Read the interview below and find out what has changed in their work, what challenges they are facing on a daily basis and what they could teach you.

What project are you working on? How many people are there in your team and where are they from?

Borislav: I am working on Stockmann project. The team consists of a Project Manager, Business Analyst, there BE Developers, FE Developer, UX Designer, Visual Designer and myself. Apart from us who come from Serbia, other colleagues from Emakina.NL and Emakina.TR are also working on the project.

Nenad: I am working on Rituals project. The team includes a Project Manager, Business Analyst, 5 BE Developers, 3 FE Developers, Solution architect and me as a Tech Lead. Similarly to the project Borislav is working on, colleagues from the Netherlands, Turkey and Serbia are also involved in this project.

Emakina.RS teach leads Borislav and Nenad

Have you had any experience in leading a team so far?

Borislav: Yes, but, this is certainly yet another beginning.

Nenad: No, this is the baptism of fire.

How much is your current job different from your previous job?

Borislav: While programming used to be much more emphasised, now we dedicate most of our time to problem analysis, communication with clients and organisation of tasks.

Nenad: It’s pretty much the same as with Borislav. I used to spend most of my working time on writing and developing the code. Now, my job is more management-oriented. I determine which developer can undertake which task. I help complete various tasks and I do code reviews. I spend most of my day on meetings where we discuss sprint and team status…
Now I am in charge of and responsible for all the things that happen during the project development, and most people point their fingers at me if something goes wrong…

What did you believe were the characteristics of a good tech lead?

Borislav: I believed the same thing as I believe now. 🙂 I believe that, besides technical knowledge, a good tech lead should have a clear understanding of a business aspect of a project, clients’ requirements as well as the needs of your team members.

Nenad: I always knew that a good tech lead is characterised by good technical knowledge as well as the ability to adapt to a current situation. Also, a good relationship with the rest of the team as well as with other people in the company, which is known as soft skills, is also very important.

What are your current job expectations?

Borislav: To contribute to the proper functioning of a team as well as to the successful development of the project. I also hope that this position will enable me to continue my professional development.

Nenad: I expect that this position will enable me to develop the above mentioned soft skills and bring the current project to a whole new higher level.

Do you have any plans regarding how to improve the project?

Borislav: Given that the project is still in its initial phase, I think that I will need more time to recognise all the things that need improvement.

Nenad: I have already started improving the project by introducing knowledge sharing sessions which give the team members an opportunity to further develop themselves, and therefore, increase the quality of the project itself.
Apart from that, we are introducing coding guidelines with the aim to create a more sustainable and high-quality code.


Emakina.RS is a software development center and a part of Emakina Group since 2018.

Emakina.RS is a team of engineering experts responsible for building, maintaining and operating applications on various platforms and frameworks. Our mission is to consistently deliver high-quality software development services to other members of Emakina Group. At the moment, our focus is on Java and PHP, as well as on Salesforce Commerce Cloud development.

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