3 Questions You Should Give Answers to in Your CV

The first job is a challenge for everyone. For me, also. When I got my first job in the people operations department, my main task was to choose the right candidates for job positions. Inexperience and patience made me analyse each and every CV I received in detail.

After a few years of working experience, my volume of work increased. So, I had to quickly review each and every CV I received instead of absolutely dedicating myself to the in-depth analysis of CVs.

According to statistics, recruiters spend around 5-7 seconds reviewing one CV. I would not completely agree with this time because it seems a bit short to me. But, we do this fast for a fact.

Your biography is the first information we will receive about you. This is why these are the three questions you need to answer in your CV:

  1. How would you like to introduce yourself to us?
  2. What qualities make you stand out from the rest of the candidates?
  3. Why do you think you should be the one we should invite to the interview and cooperate with in the future?

There is no right or a wrong answer to the previous three questions. The only thing you should think about is how to distinguish yourself among other candidates, and make us want to meet you better.

How to Brand Yourself on Your CV?

Now, you’ve probably asked yourself: “What makes me stand out?” Only you can answer this question. I will tell you what makes me stand out. Proactivity. Even during my studies, I was involved in the organisation of conferences and knowledge sharing through video presentations. I listed these examples in my CV which differentiated me from the rest. 

Saška reading a CV
How to brand yourself on your CV?

Does this help you identify what distinguishes you from the rest, what’s your personal recognition? 

There must be some kind of technology or a programming language which interests you a lot and where you have dedicated much of your time and effort to researching. In order to improve them, you must have made some kind of application or a project. This is exactly what you can mention in your CV and what can help you differentiate.

I’d like to emphasise that you do not have to share each segment of your life with us. Make sure that your CV is not longer than two pages, because, how would it otherwise fit into the seven seconds I mentioned earlier? 🙂  

What should you pay attention to when writing a CV?

To write a good CV, it’s necessary that you make a good structure and that the contents is easy to follow. These are the categories each good CV of a programmer should include:

  • Personal info
  • Previous working experience
  • Education 
  • Courses, seminars, trainings (optional)
  • Programming languages and frameworks 
  • Additional knowledge and skills
A good and bad example of CV information
A good and bad CV example

Working experience 

When you start talking about your working experience, start with the latest one. Write the exact name of your last job position and provide a list of all of your responsibilities and duties on this job. The recruiters will evaluate your knowledge and skills based on the information you provide. This is why it is important that you offer information about the things you actually did and have experience in.

If you don’t have working experience, you must have worked on some kind of projects during the process of learning and tried to apply your own knowledge in different ways. You can list some projects you have worked on as well as the descriptions of your assignments during the realisation of those projects.

Mentioning voluntary and student activities in your CV is always a plus, as well as pointing out professional goals you wanted to achieve and how you did that.

During our campaign, our colleagues (engineers) review candidates’ CVs together with recruiters. So, feel free to share your work on GitHub.

Dejan and Saška reviewing a potential candidate's CV
Our CTO Dejan and Saška are reviewing a CV

Also, when you are listing technologies, make sure you include technologies you really know well and which you have been working with on your projects. In our company, it is not crucial what technology you have worked with but how you think and approach the problem and how ready you are to learn and improve. 

Additional knowledge and skills 

For instance, when talking about your English language knowledge, it’s best to use a common European framework of reference for languages ( A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) to show your language skills. In this way, you avoid the subjective interpretation of “good” and “advanced” English language knowledge.

In case you have additional knowledge and skills which you consider to be a plus for the position you are applying for, feel free to include them in your CV. There is no need to provide a scanned certificate confirming that you have completed the course or a confirmation that you have participated in the conference. We can discuss this in person in the interview.  

Our Human Value Manager Aleksandra Radujko
Our Human Value Manager Aleksandra will answer all of your questions about writing a good CV

Would you like to get a chance to attend a job interview in our company? Awesome! We hope these instructions will be useful to you. Implement them in your resume and send it to us to this address jobs@emakina.rs. In case you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them all, and hopefully help you. 


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